Monday, January 31, 2011

My view from a rock...:-)

            Sunday Jan. 30              

                       3'4 and maybe even shorter with a ponytail and a bow in her hair she stumbled through the park that day as if she had not a care in the world at all.  On a mission to conquer what seemed a simple task of bike riding, you could tell she wasn't going to give up for nothing. With her pink tennis shoes, purple tights, and green sweater she struggled to keep her balance, swaying back and forth, back and forth. I realized a man that had been following closely behind and with pure psychic abilities he caught her right before she hit the ground.

                      She was maybe 5 or 6 and her only problems at this very moment was a slightly torn tight, a shoe lace not tied and her ability to balance. This little girl would look back one day and wonder why simple things like this be the only problems she ever had. That was my view from a rock.

--Im Watching 

Sometimes the Grass is Greener

Saturday Jan. 29

                      I have seen him many times before he is always walking. Walking in the same direction with the same outfit on and always the same things in his possession. Assuming he can't bath or has even eaten in awhile my heart tell me to feel sorry for him or over him in, and still i just watch. Hair matted together and shoes falling apart he continues on his journey, a place where he belongs. Occasionally he may sit and watch, like he knows your secrets or has lived your story. However he doesn't watch long his mind refuses and he picks up and continues along.

                        His eyes tell me that he knows where he is going and its just a matter of getting there. But he wont let that stop him he knows he will get there. Sometimes the grass is greener on another side and we may not realize cause our ideas of growth are very different.

--Im Watching 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Special Guest.....What do you see?

                I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters so I eat lunch every Tuesday with my "little sister" at Forest Hills Elementary. Today, when I went to visit her, I watched the children in the cafeteria, especially the kindergartners. They all were smiling and laughing without a care in the world. It made me think about the position I am in my life today.
               I have overloaded myself with classes; I am about to graduate from college; I am trying to get a job, and I attempting to keep my sanity. Where have those 14 years gone? While I do miss the simplicity of those really young years, but I'm not sure I would trade it. I am more stressed now, but there are a lot more things in my life now that give me happiness. I have found myself, I have almost found a place in this world, and I have some great memories since my kindergarten year. The expression "the good ol' days" is overused, and while those may have been the good ol' days, I'm hoping that my "best ol' days" are still to come. :)

-Ashley Jackson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Through the Looking Glass....

           Dear my non- viewing community i am sick with something. No i don't have any idea what it is but it is definitely upsetting my whole day so instead of being somewhere having a life i am blogging to no one its okay though cause i love blogging.

           So I encountered through the looking glass i call my window Sunday morning a jogger. Not just any kind of jogger either a jogger with a, for lack of better words, riding problem if you know what i mean. Because of this HIGHLY noticeable problem i cant even be sure that she was jogging. In my mind jogging doesn't really take place all awkward like that, so i have come up with a few ideas as to what could have happened to her.

1. Perhaps she was walking and discovered that her new underwear were highly inappropriate and begin to run away from traffic who could tell.

2. She was walking and realized that Victoria isn't keeping her secret very well.

3. Or perhaps she was not running at all. But maybe the jigg she was doing to get whatever it was OUT ended up looking like a run.

          However which ever way you spin it there was obviously a problem that needed to be solved. And thats what goes on through the looking glass.

--I Ce You 


From the Inside Looking Out.....

                 People are books and no one book is alike, however there are a few exceptions and one exception to the rule is two books that compliment each other. 
                 This leads to my first subjects of the week Romeo and Juliet. Now these two are no ordinary couple and they aren't exactly your typical Romeo and Juliet. This pair matches each other in ways almost indescribable.
                  So let me try my best to paint a picture for you, they finish each others sentences and step to the beat of each others songs. They laugh at each others jokes, no matter how silly they maybe, and look into each others eyes as if they can see the future in the others hands. Most people would be frightened at a love so intense so attached but these two embraced each moment from what i could see like they were lovers from another time. 
                  Now although all this seems so cliche it actually did take place as i watched a couple outside my window Saturday afternoon. Also i may have exaggerated just a little. But for at least the one moment or the 15 minutes i had to watch them this seemed to be exactly what i saw from the inside looking out. 

--I Ce You