Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Inside Looking Out.....

                 People are books and no one book is alike, however there are a few exceptions and one exception to the rule is two books that compliment each other. 
                 This leads to my first subjects of the week Romeo and Juliet. Now these two are no ordinary couple and they aren't exactly your typical Romeo and Juliet. This pair matches each other in ways almost indescribable.
                  So let me try my best to paint a picture for you, they finish each others sentences and step to the beat of each others songs. They laugh at each others jokes, no matter how silly they maybe, and look into each others eyes as if they can see the future in the others hands. Most people would be frightened at a love so intense so attached but these two embraced each moment from what i could see like they were lovers from another time. 
                  Now although all this seems so cliche it actually did take place as i watched a couple outside my window Saturday afternoon. Also i may have exaggerated just a little. But for at least the one moment or the 15 minutes i had to watch them this seemed to be exactly what i saw from the inside looking out. 

--I Ce You

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