Monday, January 24, 2011

Through the Looking Glass....

           Dear my non- viewing community i am sick with something. No i don't have any idea what it is but it is definitely upsetting my whole day so instead of being somewhere having a life i am blogging to no one its okay though cause i love blogging.

           So I encountered through the looking glass i call my window Sunday morning a jogger. Not just any kind of jogger either a jogger with a, for lack of better words, riding problem if you know what i mean. Because of this HIGHLY noticeable problem i cant even be sure that she was jogging. In my mind jogging doesn't really take place all awkward like that, so i have come up with a few ideas as to what could have happened to her.

1. Perhaps she was walking and discovered that her new underwear were highly inappropriate and begin to run away from traffic who could tell.

2. She was walking and realized that Victoria isn't keeping her secret very well.

3. Or perhaps she was not running at all. But maybe the jigg she was doing to get whatever it was OUT ended up looking like a run.

          However which ever way you spin it there was obviously a problem that needed to be solved. And thats what goes on through the looking glass.

--I Ce You 


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