Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes the Grass is Greener

Saturday Jan. 29

                      I have seen him many times before he is always walking. Walking in the same direction with the same outfit on and always the same things in his possession. Assuming he can't bath or has even eaten in awhile my heart tell me to feel sorry for him or over him in, and still i just watch. Hair matted together and shoes falling apart he continues on his journey, a place where he belongs. Occasionally he may sit and watch, like he knows your secrets or has lived your story. However he doesn't watch long his mind refuses and he picks up and continues along.

                        His eyes tell me that he knows where he is going and its just a matter of getting there. But he wont let that stop him he knows he will get there. Sometimes the grass is greener on another side and we may not realize cause our ideas of growth are very different.

--Im Watching 

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